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An equine care centre with two ICU stables, 12 spacious paddocks, a lunging ring and equine proficient professionals ensure the health, well-being of our patients and training of our Diamonds,

A split level barn houses our feed and has enough space to build 6 future indoor stables. Effective and much needed hay savers ensure that our feed waste in the paddocks is reduced considerably.

The Barn

Equine Facilities


The small animal hospital accommodates the bustling work flows required to service 100 000 treatments, these include:

  • Consultation room

  • Pharmacy

  • 3 Table surgery

  • Sterilisation unit

  • Double treatment room

  • 73 Kennel indoor general Ward mirrored with 73 external kennels

  • 12 Kennel intensive care unit

  • 20 Kennel orthopaedic ward

  • An x-ray facility

  • 6 Kennel feline ward

  • 2 Kennel Mini isolation ward

  • 2 Dog food storage areas

  • Ablution facilities

  • Reception

  • Administration offices

  • Rest area

Freedom Garden

Off lead exercise and special care cases are assisted by a dedicated team of volunteer dog walkers.

Puppy Run

Wagging tails and bundles of joy get to expend their considerable energy.

Parvo Isolation

This mini hospital facility isolates highly contagious diseased animals during treatment and recovery.


State-of-the-Art Veterinary Clinic

Farm Residents

Having a 24/7 presence on the farm is essential for the care of animals and oversight of the facility.

Resident Animals

Tickles and Otto the pigs, Napoleon the Goat, Chocolate, Milo and Footloose and Heather, the donkeys and Molly the Sheep are some of the friendly beasts that inhabit the farm. Creating a farm yard atmosphere for education purposes is an essential asset.

Fundraising & Workshop

Our small team of intrepid fundraisers ensure that SAID’s vision and mission can be achieved every day.

Our operations team remain fully occupied with the upkeep of our facilities, vehicles and grounds.



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