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At SAID we offer a variety of activities and involvement that fit within corporate strategies: corporate volunteerism, Corporate Social Responsibility projects and investments, Capacity development, Team Building Activities and Give As You Earn (GAYE) and Matched Giving.

Corporate Volunteerism

We offer a true animal farm experience - join us in our manual labour activities while being nuzzled and inspected by our equine population. This activity will be preceded by an informative and enlightening tour of the advances made in providing access to veterinary care in South Africa.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Get involved in our work and contribute to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.

Give As You Earn & Matched Giving

Give As You Earn (GAYE), otherwise known as payroll giving offers a meaningful way for employees to give back who are unable to engage in employee volunteering activities or find such activities difficult and would rather contribute in another way.


Matched Giving is when a corporate entity matches the amount of fundraising an employee does for a non-profit organisation. The fundraising of the individual or group of individuals is matched by the corporate entity’s own resources according to their policy.


Working together and supporting one another demonstrates the power and impact of collaboration for the mutual benefit of all our people, our animals, and our environment.


All donors are entitled to receive tax relief in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act (up to 5% of remuneration).

Donation Tins

Donation tins are available to entities (corporate business, retailer, veterinary practice, general practice, school, retirement village etc.…) dealing with high volume customers/foot traffic. Our collection and replacement of donation tins are efficient and controlled. Coin collection delivers much needed funding for our cause.

Financial Donations

At SAID we offer a variety of activities and involvement that suit individual needs: financial donations, community service for school children, adult volunteering, walking dogs at the animal hospital, assisting with second-hand book sorting, cataloguing and sales, specialised skills and resource assistance, events planning and volunteering, championing certain fundraising and awareness activities on behalf of SAID

The Society is an organisation esteemed for our integrity and transparency. Our funding is prudently employed in the service of our mandate and is overseen by an Executive Committee of dedicated donors.

Community Service for School Children

Community service opportunities are offered on weekdays to children 12 years and older by appointment. Donations requested for this experience ensure that the support, facilitation and oversight of scholars bless the animals we serve.

Community service scholars are introduced to many aspects of SAID and should be prepared to enjoy the experience of farm life and veterinary science. The health and safety of participants while visiting us is our highest priority.

Needing a break or a hobby or just wanting to give back? Meaningful engagement and worthwhile adult volunteering is valued at SAID. We offer a safe environment that allows one to de-stress and connect with nature and the animals. Considered a place of healing, the farm is home to many species of bird and quiet surrounds.

Walking Dogs at the Animal Hosplital

Join our dedicated team of dog walkers and find yourself surrounded by devoted people who are committed to the well-being and rehabilitation of animals. This popular volunteer option is of major importance to our patients. Our team leader will be on hand to walk you through the training and facilitate your introduction to other team members assigned to the day most convenient for you.

Assisting with Second-Hand Books

If you are a bookworm or a closet librarian, this is the option for you! Sorting, cataloguing and sales are the areas one can get involved. We’ve kept our sales going for more than thirty years and would love to have you on board!

Specialised Skills & Resource Assistance

Visit the Forgood website link to see what specialised skills and resource assisted is needed!

Events Planning & Volunteering
Events & Promotions

This is an area, where the more, the merrier! If you’d like to be an extra pair of hands at our extravagant events, let us know and we’ll call on you when we have upcoming events! If you’re an ambitious soul and want to help plan an event for us, we’d love that too!

Tin Collections

The Society has intrepid teams of volunteers at venues across Johannesburg collecting money (donation tins) with/without their dogs on our behalf. This volunteer opportunity requires one hour of your time, once a month.

Champions Programmes

Our greatest ambition is to further SAID’s mission and vision, but we know that we cannot and have not done this all alone.


We have created a Champion’s Programme that invites people to lead certain fundraising and awareness activities on behalf of SAID.

Have a dinner party, movie night, sport event or whatever with colleagues, friends and/ family and include a fundraising spin, the resource hub will assist in any way possible!


There is lots of fun to be had doing good! Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world, it is the only thing that ever has.

Adult Volunteering

Created by Ilne Weyers