SAID Newsletter - December 2018

Touws River - A Karoo Triumph

One might ask the question –what is SAID doing in the Western Cape or Steynsrus for that matter? The answer is - we were sponsored by groups of people to assist with massive outreaches in these desperate communities. The sponsor passion for these areas is commendable and despite using many other service providers over the years in the Western Cape, they approached us to deliver the numbers far more economically and to provide the ongoing sustainable access to veterinary care in the future.

Spreading our wings with this mercy flight to Touws, we were able to impact this poor community with 651 sterilisations and all other primary health care for these animals, in one week. The additional benefits of this flight also lead us a step closer to a national footprint that in the absence of any other facility we can forward our mission to drive access to veterinary care to all and promote the solution that lies in our graduate para-veterinarians. 


For those that offered up their frequent flyer miles and donations to move our team efficiently, your gift enabled 6 highly efficient and passionate pro-bono veterinarians to meet the demands of the week. The journey was no mean feat and SAID is deeply grateful to everyone who made it possible. Please follow us on Facebook for more details. 

Our dream would be to have the financial and human capacity to deliver veterinary care to every willing animal owner in indigent communities across Gauteng. So while tough economic times restrict our sterilisation efforts at home to an average of 250 new sterilisation patients per month, exclusive of all other veterinary care, you our donors have ensured that all new animals that we can possibly accommodate within our means, receive the ongoing care that they deserve. 


The triumph of Touws River lies in the visual evidence for the community – 651 animals will thrive, and they will begin the arduous task of breaking the spell of apathy that is created through the absence of education, service provision and poverty.

Celebrating our Diamond Anniversary


Just a reminder that The Society for Animals in Distress is no longer partnered with Bounty Hunters Charity Shop in Melville.


SAID has increased the potential of this income stream and all your pre-loved, sellable items raise much needed funds through Wits Hospice, Monthly Pop up shops, online sales and our showroom - Pre-loved bringing More-love to our furry patients.

Dog Jog 2018 - In Celebration of World Animal Day

Ahoy Maties!!

Our champions, Colleen and Ian Gildenhuys, outdid themselves in raising funds to care for our animals this year!


For 15 years Colleen and her family have championed an annual event in their beautiful garden, and over this time she has ensured the sterilisation of sum 2000 animals. This year the sailor themed spring party was a day to remember, with hoisted sails and all the trimmings.

May the wind always fill your sails Gildenhuys family, you are champions par excellence! 

Want to become a SAID Champion?

It doesn’t have to be an event, it can be a small dinner party, or a night at the movies, a market day, a doggy picnic, a golf day - whatever floats your boat!


BONUS - SAID also offers their assistance with prizes



A reminder! It’s ‘tick season’ with the hot weather and the rain the conditions are ripe for ticks.




Each purchase, assists a tick/flea prevention for a dog in need.


We have 18 DEDICATED RIDERS for the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge this year; included in this incredible team is a tandem and our youngest rider is just 13 years old!

They have all pledged to raise R 2000 for SAID and many of them have gone above and beyond this pledge for the animals in our care!

If you’d like to join our SAID riders team for future races, contact: Holly Doherty or 083-640-8824 

If you would like to donate towards their first ride as a team, have a look at our donate page – you can donate via eft, debit order, credit card or snap scan


Congratulations to Yusuf Jardien!

Thank you to everyone who supported our annual raffle.


Each ticket paid for a full preventative treatment (sterilisation, microchip, tick/flea treatment, vaccination and deworming).

Thank You!

A Special thank you to all our supporters during the
months of September and October.

Created by Ilne Weyers