Professional Veterinary Care


The Society for Animals in Distress provides professional veterinary care overseen by employed veterinarians, veterinary nurses and animal health technicians.

We are an organisation mandated to serve the indigent and are accountable for these services to the South African Veterinary Council.

Patients receive primary veterinary care from our mobile units which are manned by para-veterinarians. These units service our operational areas daily while severe cases are brought back and admitted to our hospital.



The reinforcement of animal care education within community homes has seen a marked decline in the common conditions found in animals that are related to poverty.

Early identification of illness or notification of animals in distress by the community has significantly reduced rehabilitation costs.

Growing human awareness of animal needs and the accessibility of our services ensure that preventative primary veterinary care is sought after and accepted as essential to improved community health.

Learning to love, feed, clean and care for an animal and accepting responsibility starts at a young age.

SAID’s sustainability is underpinned with active community engagement, education and support. Our mobile veterinary service units, while carrying out their para-veterinary tasks, make a monthly average of 547 stops that are purely based in education support.

Mobile Unit - Field Work


We provide door to door veterinary care and education using mobile care units. These units service our operational areas daily while severe cases are brought back and admitted to our hospital.

Our mobile care unit work within communities provides primary veterinary care, first aid, peer education and support.  This engagement with the communities we serve, initiates a life-long relationship made sustainable through owner responsibility and trust.

The value of this relationship investment can be seen in the improved health and well-being of the animals we are privileged to serve. 

Our hospital treatments cover a spectrum of veterinary procedures that includes viable orthopaedic surgery.

We service 8 indigent communities in the North and Eastern areas of Johannesburg inclusive of:

Tembisa, Winnie Mandela, Ebony and Ivory Parks, Mooiplaas, Olievenhoutsbosch and Diepsloot.

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